Invisible Marketing: Making Sales without ‘Selling’

It is 2022. Millennials and Gen Z are ruling. And if there is one thing that can seduce them, it is authenticity!

Gone is the era when big discounts, crazy advertising, and free stuff made sales. You can longer drive business with popularity or by going big. So, even if your ad is running all the time on the television or getting a million clicks on YouTube, you might still not be hitting your sales target.

The art of selling in today’s times is by not pushing it. Don’t shove your ads in your audience’s faces, for starters. Big bold texts and five posts a day on your Instagram are a no-no.

But then, how do you achieve the numbers?

Let’s talk about it.

The Tricks of Selling to Millennials & Gen Z

Remember that selling to an informed audience is super challenging, a challenge you should not be afraid to take.

Make Your Product Speak

No. Having a good product is not enough. That’s not what we are saying. Even if you have the best product in the world, you need to take it to your audience. We all agree on that.

But repeating how good your product is, is super boring. *Yawns*

Start by skipping the adjectives. No fantabulous, beautilicious, award-winning, and whatever it is that you see making rounds on the internet.

*Inform* your audience about the product and show real people using it. Show them what value it provides to the users. Address the pain points.

Let’s say you are selling bedsheets. Don’t just say it is made with the finest fiber, come buy it. A better alternative is to say that it is made with the finest fiber to withstand thousands of wash cycles. This communicates the value proposition

That’s why people trust influencers. Your audience wants to see real people using the product in real settings, giving reliable reviews.

The audience picks the influencers they trust. They love this choice of selecting who influences their purchase decisions, instead of amazing offers that only look good on paper.

Create Unbranded Content

Talking about your products and your brand gets annoying after some time. People would unfollow you pretty soon if all they see is you raving about yourself.

It is important to create unbranded content. Something that adds value and isn’t trying to sell anything. Something educational, not promotional.

Creating unbranded content shows that are you more than just a business trying to make money and that you have something worthy to offer.

When you create educational content, you establish yourself as an opinion leader, an authority whom people would like to connect with. You won’t just be after the money.

Be Mindful of Your Impact

People care about how your business will impact the environment, people, and other stuff.

The world today is conscious of which brands they would interact with. The relationship is only that of a seller and consumer. The consumers of today feel responsible for the brands they interact with. So, even if you have good products, their impact determines if they’d become a favorite or not.

If you are mindful, you will automatically develop a positive brand reputation. You’d also become popular for your conscious processes in a world that continues to eat the earth.


But, it doesn’t mean you don’t work on your marketing. Keep it subtle. Keep the story authentic. When you care about providing good stuff, the sales will eventually come.



Tayaba Aslam
Tayaba Aslam
Tayaba Aslam is the Content Strategist at rad.